Monday, December 7, 2009

The Journey Begins

Here I go, 201 days to the start of Western States 2010. There are 411 of us that were either fortunate enough to be selected, talented enough to earn a spot, or granted entry for other reasons. Whatever the reason, of we all are in for a long and exciting adventure.

The training and committment part of the journey is the obvious. There will be many sacrifices in the coming months, and much support from those whom I love and who love and care for me. I will be grateful for every healthy day I have and all the gifts and wonderful people in my life who will lift me when times are tough and who will stand by me through all the joys and pains of this journey.

But, there is another side to the coming months that I am as committed to as the running. For me, it is all about the fuel I put in my body everyday! It is what I eat for my meals, during my runs, and for recovery. It is what will have me racing at my strongest, at my leanest, and at my most healthy.

When my clients have big race goals, they come to me for "the secret formula." But, always in the end they come to realize that the "secret" is different for everyone and is a constant area of focus. Given that I ask this of my clients, training partners, friends, and even my husband (at least I try with him)...I thought I would share my adventures in my food consumption as I focus on Western States. I will share meals I prepare; recipes that work; restaurants I enjoy; challenges I face; and everything in between.

In the end, I hope that my journey will help others taking similar journeys; make you laugh a little; or just let you appreciate healthy foods available.

I can't wait to share! In the words of Julia Child: "Bon Appetit"

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