Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Burger and Ketchup

John asked me this morning if I ever got my burger, and yes I did! Saturday afternoon Paul picked up a wonderful burger from Galaxy Cafe for me. I am guessing that many people who are "craving" a burger would go for it in a big way, but here is how I enjoyed mine.

Burger patty sitting a nice piece of fresh lettuce wih tomatoes and onions on top. Ketchup, my favorite condiment (I will get back to this in a moment) and good old fashioned yellow mustard. Yum, yum! I ate it with a fork and knife, as I have a weird thing about eating food with my hands (I even cut pizza), and enjoyed every bite. The red meat energized me and my craving was totally satisfied in a not gross way!

On the ketchup...in case you didn't know good old fashioned Heinz is made with High Fructose Corn Syrup, blech! In my love for ketchup I was torn for quite sometime, but of course there is always a fantastic fresh and healthy alternative available. One year for Christmas, Paul raided the shelves at Whole Foods and got me every organic brand of ketchup to test (now that is love)! What I found is that my favorite brands are those that have little or no added sugar and have very little salt. I really just like the tomato taste. Right now we are working on a bottle of Organicville No Added Sugar Ketchup...bonus is that it is also Gluten Free. If you haven't tried anything other than Heinz I urge you to do so, as you will be pleasantly surprised.

On the no sugar thought...I have still managed to keep the sugar out of my diet. I will be honest that it is not easy, and struggle everyday with it. I know with time the craving will go away, but until then I am suffering. I know this will really help me be stronger and leaner, and maybe in the end mentally tougher for the sacrifice, but it is definitely harder especially this time of year when you can't go anywhere without being flooded with sights of sweets. So for anyone out there reading this, by the way is anyone reading this, who thinks I never struggle with disciplined eating...I sure do!

Bon Appetit!

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  1. You have to try a King's Chef burger when you visit Colorado!

    FYI, if you do Collegiate Peaks, there's a new brewery at the finish line. They have a really weird menu, but it's probably full of stuff you would eat.