Friday, December 25, 2009

Eating and Family

Well, here I am at the end of the holidays freezing in Kansas. I told Paul last night as we were driving in the blizzard that having some hot chocolate sounded oh so good. Not the finest time to not be eating any sugar when it feels like a sugary treat is the only thing that would keep me warm. OK, there are other things that keep me warm (my hubby is warm and cuddly...I know, TMI) but when it is miserably cold outside sweets sound really good.

One of the biggest challenges in this holiday celebration is not actually the sugar, but the fact that my eating habits are so very different from those of my in-laws. Challenge number one was dinner last night - I ended up with a salad with a few boiled shrimp on top. I am actually looking forward to the meal today because Laurie is making a turkey, salad, and plain sweet potatoes for me! How sweet to accomodate my healthy eating in the midst of feeding 18 others :)

(Here is the finished product of my lovely salad with black bean salsa...I added shredded turkey breast on top post pic)

Who knows what the rest of the weekend will hold for meals, but at least I will be well fed tonight!

Stay warm and healthy, and Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow I will send the breakdown of the 2010 WAGER with JT!

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