Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 2010 Eating Wager

And so it begins...

JT emailed me at some point last week and declared, "No Fast Food in 2010." If you know JT, this is a HUGE undertaking. As we sorted through the finer details, we decided to make a bit of a wager (Paul took part in some of the negotiating).

Here is the breakdown:
No Fast Food
Meaning - no food that is prepped in less than 10 minutes
- no food that comes from a drive thru
- Because Domino's has $5 pizza, ONLY ordering thin crust, light cheese, with at least one vegetable (and I had to fight for an additional vegetable on top of tomato sauce)
- If eating a burger, has to have one additional veggie ASIDE from pickles (and has to come from somewhere where it takes more than 10 minutes to prep)
- King Chef stays in but barely...

No Sugar and No Dairy
Meaning -
No refined sugar
No food/sweets containing refined sugar
As much as can be controlled, no "other" sugar aside from Fructose in Fruit.
No dairy (I do take calcium supplements everyday for those of you considering cutting dairy)

So what's the wager:
Again, if you know JT or I at all this wager makes a TON of sense:
If he loses: no more than 2 beers per day for ONE MONTH. No other alcoholic drinks...2 beers. (This is where the negotiating came in because I was pushing for no drinking for 1 month)

If I lose: 1 beer EVERYDAY for ONE MONTH. And, I have to take a picture of me drinking the beer and post it.

I started with my sugar withdrawl a few weeks ago, so I am ready!
JT has opted for the binge until D-day approach. Today on his menu: 4 crispy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's today. I am wondering what the withdrawl is going to feel like. I wonder if this is going to effect the Colorado Springs fast food economy?

Maybe I should send him gift certificates to McDonalds for temptation, hmmm??
ok, JT, time to start!!


  1. nice wager....

    just in case (but i have no doubt you are going to kick butt) bud now makes a 55 kcal beer :D

  2. There is no way Mer is drinking a beer every day for a month... JT, you're toast!

  3. There is no way in hell I'm only drinking two beers a day!