Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Hungry

I am facing a new/interesting challenge. Normally post-race/really long run I reward myself with sweets: a cookie; piece of cake; or I have been known a time or two to enjoy a big as your head cupcake (although I think the last one of these I had was like two years ago from Melissa and Clea...). I will typically have a normal meal or even a splurge, and then my too large portion of a sweet and be completely satisfied and move on.

Well, without the sweets and dairy, I have found myself quite hungry even three days post.

I'll be honest that I was in a HUGE calorie hole on Saturday: finished my race, barely ate due to the speediness of my friend (which was an amazing great thing); headed out to pace her; started to feel my major calorie low as I was sweating up a storm being overdressed (layers and layers of rookie mistakes here)...ate 8 cliff blocks to get me to the end with her; drank recovery drink + 1/2 pb sandwich + pretzels (hubby wanted the other 1/2 of the sandwich and he was our driver).

Sunday - had a good breakfast from Whole Foods (best place to take out-of-town visitors. I call it the "Mothership"); had a small lunch; and then had a wonderful early celebration dinner with Erin and Joe (check out Shark Tank on Friday night to see Grease Monkey Wipes in action). But the dinner was still on the small side: salad, edamame; and maki with sweet potatoes (again, shared with the hubby).

By yesterday, I had thoughts of snacking on my arm, but out of total habit got into my "normal" weekday eating routine.

Well, today it caught up with me...although let's be honest that it has been catching up with me for days. By time I did my workouts, ate, and worked I was back deep in the calorie hole. I knew I was there, but I kept pushing through. Well, nothing like trying to pick up the pace on a run to shut you up and shut you down when you have missed the mark on your eating. I was light headed and working much harder than necessary.

I knew that if I want any chance of good runs the rest of the week, that I had to get the calories in! Lime-Cilantro Chicken with sauteed peppers, onions, and tomatoes; black beans; spinach; toasted corn tortillas...I already feel better!!

In reflection, and hopefully me outlining my mistakes will help those of you who have done this before, I should have definitely eaten more post race before pacing. I needed to have double the dose of my recovery drink; I needed much more sustainence than a pb sandwich on the way home. I needed loads more protein on Sunday and Monday. And, finally, I needed a much larger breakfast this morning and probably wouldn't have been doing bad to have a recovery drink (mine have 15g of protein) even after my morning workout...it was 2 hours worth afterall.

I am no longer getting in the junk calories, but I have to focus on getting in just what my body needs to bounce back and feel great!! As with all parts of life...I appreciate always learning and not "knowing" it all :)

Off to eat, again! Bon Appetit!


  1. Go ahead, eat a candy bar! Then you can replace all those lost calories with some yummy beers!

  2. Me too! I've been pretty good about staying away from junk. Only one ice cream post race. And I am, even today sooo hungry! I did have a recovery drink after today's workout even though my breakfast was good. And I lost a couple pounds these last few days even though I have broken my soda habit and am well hydrated. :)

  3. JT - you are brilliant, haha! Do you really think I am going to give in. I am not scared to eat more fruit and vegetables to fill me up :)

    Mel- it wears off. I feel better today!

  4. Mer,

    You are much stronger than me! After BW, I ate an entire large bag on M&M's by myself and felt no shame! I am working on being better though--more protein along with my recovery drink instead of sweet sugar!