Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Week, A New Decade, A New Diet

I am so fortunate to be entertained by my clients on a regular basis. One of the best recently was this note:

I appreciate your offer, but I already have my nutrition plan figured out for 2010.
I am going to get into shape while adhering to this diet: Click on this link to see the 2010 "plan!"

He went on to tell me that when he saw the "commercial" he nearly fell off of his barstool."

I don't know if I truly have words to express the genius at the marketing department of this company, BUT please note: THIS IS NOT A DIET!!

Although, JT, if you want to lose you can try your hand at this new plan :)

Gotta love the idea of "healthy" in America!


  1. It must be true, they had a registered dietician on the commercial!

  2. I saw that on TV (not this actual commercial, but advertising the diet tacos) and I thought...nothing coming out of TB can be good for you!

    BTW - Congrats on the Bandera run!! Looking forward to C2M!