Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food, food, food

While I wait for the temps to warm up outside for my long run today, I am catching up on work and thought it would be a good time for an update.

Lots and lots of food talk and lots and lots of cooking/baking this week!
It has been a very exciting time for my business and in particular my Vegan Bars. You can read about them on my website: Orders have been coming in like mad, so I have been making batches and shipping them all week. It is very exciting to have such a healthy product, and have people really enjoying them! Right now I have two flavors, but I am already brainstorming a 3rd. If you have been enjoying the bars and want to suggest another flavor, please let me know!! As long as it doesn't change the fat or calories by much, I am open to new ideas.
As I mentioned last week, my friend, Erin, was on Shark Tank on Friday. Not only was she on Shark Tank, but they were totally awesome! When we were at dinner the conversation turned to cakeballs. Erin has been wanting to try the cakeballs for some time, and Joe, her boyfriend, spoke of his love of red velvet cake. Well, heck...that's my specialty red velvet cake balls. In all fairness I was already planning to make a batch to send to Ryan in Iraq, so I just got a little extra creative.

For Ryan - Red Velvet and Mint Chocolate are currently in transit to his APO in Iraq (by the way, any of my readers who bake and want to send goodies his way...he will be there for a year and LOVES goodies!!).

For Erin - Maybe some people were going to bring Erin flowers to the viewing party Friday night, but I decided to turn the cakeballs into balloons of sorts and made a bouquet out of them. Here she is at the party with her bouquet! I love how they turned out :)

For Joe - I left the chocolate off of two red velvet cakeballs and wrapped them for him. He loved them!! How fun :) This was the second time that I had someone that wasn't sure they would like them fall in love. It makes me so happy to share treats and have them be enjoyed.

Later this afternoon I am going to make "fish sticks" for Paul for the week with broccoli cheese hash. I will take pics. If they turn out good, they will make a great easy meal that I think kids would love (I am going to use wheatabix and whole wheat breadcrumbs which I already have prepped). I will also make more batches of Vegan Bars!! Keep the orders coming!

Quick side note - was going to eat out on Friday night, but really the only thing I would have wanted on the menu was a grilled chicken salad. Not that it is a big deal, but I just didn't want to pay $10-12 for a salad I had all the ingredients for at home. So, I ate before we went out. Honestly, I enjoyed doing that so much more! I was kind of dreading eating out all three nights this weekend (very unusual for us to have plans all three nights of the weekend).

And finally, I got an email from JT on Friday saying, "I am at Burger King." I wrote him back thinking I needed to talk him off the ledge. Nope, he didn't need me. He was just ordering coffee! Wager still alive and well!!

Pics of Sunday creations to come later!

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  1. I think I might be coming out of the withdrawal stage. You're in for a long battle.