Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kid Food

Yes, I know, I don't have kids, but sometimes my favorite eater likes "kid" food...although not kid portions (and to answer all the debate from Saturday night: I do feed him; he just eats THAT much!! Oh, he did fess up to 4 pieces of pizza, and the rest of my salad)

As promised, I made Paul Fish Sticks and let's call it Broccoli Casserole, of sorts. The old fashioned version of the above consist of: frying, lots of fat, lots of refined items, and full fat dairy. Well, I did a complete overhaul on both recipes and you wouldn't know the difference.

For the fish sticks:
Tilapia (I used 4 filets)
Whole Wheat Flour (which I always have some in the freezer)
Whole Wheat breadcrumbs
Wheat Cereal Flakes (I used Wheatabix)
Fresh Garlic powder
Egg Whites
Canola Oil Spray

I cut the fish into "sticks," dusted with flour, dipped in egg whites and then dipped in the crumb/flake combo. Put on a cookie sheet, and "fried" in the oven.

They came out wonderfully crisp and flaky...even reheated in the microwave yesterday!
(If you want more details on the recipe send me an email...I have it fully typed out)

I derived this from an Eating Well recipe. I decided to change it all up when I noticed that they instructed people to use all purpose flour. Why go to the trouble of recommending whole wheat breadcrumbs and whole wheat cereal flakes just to use refined flour on the fish? It just made no sense to me, so I overhauled the recipe and took out all of the added salt and refined items...no need for them!!

I then made my version of broccoli casserole. Tradition uses: broccoli, white rice, cheese, whole milk or cream.

Here's mine:
Lundberg jubilee rice (made with water and no salt...it took approx 40 min vs. the 50min recommended)
Frozen broccoli florets - steemed and chopped
non fat milk
borden 2% shredded cheese
Cook the rice, add the chopped broccoli, milk, and cheese. It came out super colorful, moist, and grainy!!
Off to go talk about "Dining Out." Hoping for a good crowd :)
I will start posting meal pics soon! Keep sending them, and when you do please let me know if I can post them. I love to see what you are eating.