Monday, April 12, 2010


Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows just how much I LOVE salad!

Luisa brought Paul a huge container of Lobster Bisque from Carmelos, and I thought it best to offer up a light side to the creamy creation.

I got some wild salmon and coated it with fresh herbs. I, then, baked it in parchment and crumbled it on top of a salad filled with fresh veggies. Yum!

I didn't take a picture, but sent Paul with roasted chicken pasta made with tomato, spinach, and wheat fusili. My friend, and her excitement for a post-race Whole Foods visit, reminded me of just how fortunate we are to have so many great places to shop at our fingertips.

An important finale to this post is that JT ate a STRAWBERRY while on the phone with me the other night!!! Katie was there for confirmation. So proud :)


  1. Yeah, and a few days later you sent me an e-mail saying strawberries are bad for you!