Monday, April 26, 2010

Farm to Table

In honor of Earth Day, I thought it would be fun to have a Farm to Table Party this weekend. Basically everything that was served came from local farms, or brought in from farms not far away. The menu was subject to the items I could get my hands on. Fortunately, lots of good items in abundance:

Menu - Elk and Venison Tacos (Thanks to Kristen and Leigh for Venison from Wimberly and Elk from outside of Waco) with grilled peppers and onions,
2 day soaked fat free refried beans (totally reminded me of food that my grandmother and mother prepared growing up...a favorite from Laredo)
tomatoes, salsa verde and fire-roasted salsa,
white and yellow corn tortillas
farm fresh strawberries
and, yes, mini-"poptarts"

Oh, yeah, some lovely local beer and wonderful gifts of local biodynamic and organic wine

The weather was perfect, and eating this goodness was a true Saturday night treat. It was wonderful to spend time with friends!

To top it off, the leftovers made beautiful taco salads last night! What a great way to end the weekend. YUM!!

Creative juices are flowing this week. The farm is calling, so let's see what I can come up with next??

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  1. Hooray for local beer!

    I ate greek yogurt for the first time today, FYI.